Bonville Golf Resort, 5 - 7 April, 2024

The Australian Women's Classic Bonville - Presented by Pacific Bay Resort Studios

Spin Sisters Ready to Have A Blast At Bonville

Kelsey Bennett and Rhianna Lewis are almost inseparable twins when they get together. Spin sisters on and off the golf course, on the eve of this week’s Australian Women’s Classic here at Bonville Golf Resort, we asked each of them what’s so special about the other.

Bennett Kelsey HR 20220419AWCB Practice170
Kelsey Bennett during practice for the 2022 Australian Womens Classic-Bonville

Kelsey on Rhianna:

When did you first meet? 

It was the ‘Tassie open in 2020.

What was the magnetic part of her personality that saw you become besties?

She’s just crazy, I mean, she’s just so out there. She doesn’t give you a choice. She’s just so happy and in your face that you simply cannot love her. 

What’s the best part of the game?

I love the way she drives the ball. I reckon she’s really good off the tee.

What’s the worst part of her game? 

Her putting. She gets the yips really easy. 

Where do you see Rhianna’s future in the sport? She’s a fantastic golfer, so I think she should give it every opportunity to get out there and play professional golf. 

Is there a moment you can remember that the pair of you have been involved in that you’ll never forget?

There are a few that I can’t say. I’m not too sure off the top of my head, so I’ll just leave it at that!

Final question. What makes Rhianna such an incredible chick? 

She’s just such her own self if that makes sense. Like there’s no other person like her. She is really fantastic. She’s got a good personality.

Lewis RHianna HR 20220419AWCB Practice209
Rhianna Lewis Kelsey Bennett during practice for the 2022 Australian Womens Classic-Bonville

Rhianna about Kelsey:

When did you first meet? 

We met at the Tassie Open at the start of 2020, and we are attached to the hip already. 

What makes Kelsey such an engaging personality?

I don’t even know; she’s just the best. I guess she is everything you want in a human; she’s nice. 

What is the best part of her game? 

She’s a ball striker. And she’s got the mental game. I feel like across the board, her whole game is steady. She just doesn’t miss the green, and then if she does miss the green, she’s always making an up-and-down.

What’s the worst part of her game?

Her putting can be a bit streaky, I reckon. When she’s holing putts, it’s pure. But if she’s missing, that’s probably what it is. She’s not always on with her putter, but she’ll be fine when she gets a decent one that’s not ‘off the shelf.

What do you see Kelsey’s future in the sport?

100% in the US. She’s got the game for it; she’s got the length. She’s got the quality of the game that you need. She’s got the right personality and a good head on her shoulders. She can mix it with the girls over there, so she’ll be fine.

Is there a moment in your friendship that you’ll both never forget, and what is it?

There’s something every day when we’re together, 100%. If there was one time, though, it was probably a week in Western Australia. It was the third week knowing one another, and we shared the room the whole week. We were like sisters, but then due to Covid, we didn’t see each other for like ten months. When we saw each other again, we just picked up right where we left off, and it was like we hadn’t been apart.

What would it be if there’s a message you had to leave Kelsey with to remember you by? 

“I’d just say, “Let’s groove, baby!!” She’d be like, what? but then she’ll get it, and that would be all I wanted.”

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