Bonville Golf Resort, 5 - 7 April, 2024

Tournament Info

Tournament Info

The 2023 Australian Ladies Classic Bonville is a Women’s Australian PGA (WPGA) and will be played over 54 holes of stroke play at the Bonville Golf Resort.

Bonville Golf Resort
North Bonville Rd, Bonville 2441
P: 1300 722 444
General Manager – Brad Daymond

Thursday 31 Mar – 2 April, 2023


  1. The tournament shall be decided by strokes over three rounds of 18 holes.  A maximum of 78 players will play one round on each of the first two days, after which the leading 50 players, after the second round, shall qualify to play the 3rd round. 
  1. In the event of a tie for first place, a ‘sudden death’ play-off will take place on a hole to be determined until a result has been achieved. 
  1. Play will be in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Ltd of St Andrews and in accordance with the WPGA’s Conditions of Competition and Local Rules and the local rules as approved by the Championship Committee. 


78 Players to comprise of: 

40 WPGA Tour 2023 Exemption Categories 

10 WPGA Invitations 

28 Golf NSW Invitations 


The schedule for the week will be as follows: 

Monday 27 – Wednesday 29 March 

Registration at Bonville. Practice rounds from 1pm. 

WPGA to register players, provide passes and ask players to complete the DNSW survey.  

Thursday 30 March 

BGR Guests – 7am shotgun start 

Golf NSW Pro Am – 12.30pm shotgun start with presentation and cocktail function to follow. 

Friday 31 March – Saturday 1 April 

BGR Guests – 7am shotgun start 

Tournament Play – 1 & 2nd Rounds – 78 in three balls off two tees (1st and 9th) – Starting 10am 

Sunday 2 April 

4th Round – 50 players + ties – Starting 10am 

The Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony (at which the leading professional and amateur will be required) will follow immediately after the completion of the final round on the 18th green. Golf NSW to produce the Prize Giving procedure briefing document which will be distributed during the week of the Tournament. 


Tournament Prize Fund minimum of $150,000 (distribution in accordance with WPGA ratios). 


Players will register with WPGA in the Tour office, which will be situated in the clubhouse. 

Deadline: 17:00 on Wednesday 29 March. 


Car Park entry must be staffed by volunteers at all times on tournament days.  Postcode receipts all attendees in Public Car Park from Friday to Sunday is extremely important to government KPI’s. 


Bonville Golf Resort 

Golf NSW 



Geoff King Motors – 17th hole 


Golf NSW to provide both professional and amateur trophies. Bonville Golf Resort will provide the perpetual Championship Trophy. 



Monday 27 – Sunday 2 April: 6:00am – 8:30pm 


Upstairs function room set up for WPGA, Golf NSW and media, as per previous year arrangements.  


Thursday 30 March: Pro-Am lunch packs before golf. Post-golf cocktail function.  

Sunday 2 April: Presentation Ceremony. Golf NSW to provide run sheet. 


The official practice days will be Monday 27 – Wednesday 29 March – practice from 1st tee from 1pm. Practice facilities available prior. 


There is a practice range located between the clubhouse and the accommodation. Supplier of range balls will be Titleist. 

Ball distribution will be provided by the range attendant(s). The balls will be regularly cleaned before redistribution.  Range to be managed by Bonville.  

The Club, in conjunction with the Tournament Director will ensure that the speeds of the respective practice greens are comparable to the tournament greens and the preparation of the practice bunker is as similar as possible to those on the Championship course. 


The participating players will use the Women’s Locker Room in the Clubhouse. Locker access can be gained from the Reception desk.  

Locker room is tidied by the club. 


Club to provide bag storage for players that require this via the Pro Shop. 


The Player Lounge will be located in upper area of the clubhouse. Internet access will be provided in the Player Lounge which will be an area where players only can order and eat their meals. Some additional guest passes will be managed by Golf NSW and WPGA.  It will be open as follows: 

Thursday: 6:00AM to 6:00PM (Full Breakfast, Hot & Cold Lunch) 

Friday: 6:00AM to 6:00PM (Full Breakfast, Hot & Cold Lunch) 

Saturday: 6:00AM to 4:00PM (Full Breakfast, Hot & Cold Lunch) 

Sunday: 6:00AM to 2:00PM (Full Breakfast, Hot & Cold Lunch) 

Complimentary tea, coffee and water. All other drinks are to be paid for by players. 

Entry to the Players Lounge will be with WPGA membership cards or Lounge passes. This area is strictly for players only (and guests who have been paid for) and is to be managed by Bonville staff. 


There will be a minibus, operated by Bonville, running along Cassidy’s Road to assist with transferring spectators to and from the back end of the course. 


All players will be provided carts for each round in the tournament. 

Bonville and Golf NSW to ensure adequate numbers of motorised carts. 


Located in the Clubhouse (upstairs & downstairs). 2 are also located on the course.



The Volunteer Headquarters is located in the Proshop. Please check in at reception upon your arrival to Bonville Golf Resort.  



In some events, and for some groups, carry boards are used. The carry board volunteer is responsible for carrying the board for the duration of the round, and updating the players’ scores on the carry board. 

Note: The carry boards can be heavy (particularly over 18-holes) therefore this role is more suitable for males or stronger women.  If available, a cart can be used at Bonville for this purpose. 


Players will be advised on the tee that “live” scoring/score updates will occur. “Live” scorers will be positioned behind selected greens and when the players come through that hole, they will advise the scorer of their identity and: 

In Stroke play: their score for each hole since they last went through a score check (eg. Anna Drew 4, 5, 4, 5, 4, 3). 

Scorers will be asked to use their own mobile device but if they don’t have one, they will be given an iPad/Samsung Tablet, draw and clipboard to write the score next to the player’s name on the draw. Once all players in the group have provided their score, the scorer will enter the scores into the mobile device via the Golf Genius scoring program. Further instructions will be provided at the event on how to use the App. 


Bonville to manage. 


Some Golf NSW events have volunteers managing the supply of water stations for players to fill up from.  This is a critical component of events, particularly on hot days.  Eskies on tees should be filled with ice and water and should never be less than half full.  It is important that the level of water is regularly monitored. 


Some Golf NSW events have volunteers managing crowd control. This involves a variety of tasks: 

  • Ensuring spectators do not influence the position of a player’s ball; 
  • Keeping a crowd quiet at appropriate times; 
  • Ensuring the safety of players and other spectators; 
  • Ensuring the correct flow of spectators around the golf course 

Marshalls should be equipped with appropriate signage eg QUIET signs to assist them in this process. Just prior to when the player is about to commence their pre-shot routine, the marshall should hold up the sign or both arms, and announce “quiet please”.  There are occasions when this may not be necessary, if only a small crowd is present and they are clearly aware of the situation. 


Some Golf NSW events have volunteers managing the distribution of caddie bibs. This involves a person stationed behind the final green for a players round, to collect the bib from the caddie.  With a two tee start, this role must be performed at the 8th and 18th green.  If sufficient volunteers are available, an additional person at the 1st and 9th tees to distribute the bibs would be preferable.  If not, the starter may perform this duty. 


Caddies will not be compulsory on all tournament days with Golf NSW to produce a Caddie Pass for access to the car park. WPGA recommends to players that caddies should be paid a minimum of $50 per day. Caddies will be permitted to use a cart for all rounds, where required. 

The Club are to arrange a caddie Master – with the Club to collect names and work with the WPGA during tournament week. Caddie bibs will be issued at the player’s starting tee and collected at the finishing green after each round.  WPGA to ask players prior to the tournament week if a caddie is required, with caddies allocated on a first in – first served approach. 


The following groups will have parking available in the respective areas noted: 

Players & Caddies Clubhouse Car Park 

Media  Clubhouse Car Park 

WPGA  Clubhouse Car Park 

Pro-Am Players  Clubhouse Car Park 

Spectators General Public Car Park 

Members  General Public Car Park 

Volunteers  General Public Car Park 


All volunteers are required to register prior to taking his/her assigned post. Registration is located at Volunteer Headquarters. It is also important to sign in with your Volunteer coordinators when you arrive. 


All volunteers are required to wear the official 2023 Australian Women’s Classic Bonville shirt while performing volunteer duties. Tops and hats will be available for collection prior to the event as communicated. Please wear pants, shorts (knee length), skirts, comfortable walking shoes. No specific colour is required. Uniforms should not be worn on days volunteers are not working. 

  • Wearing protective clothing as instructed by the Club 
  • Following the work instructions and schedules for safe work in hot temperatures 


Meal voucher will be provided to all volunteers in the volunteer’s hub. In addition, water may be obtained from the on-course water stations. 



Smoking is prohibited within all buildings and within the Volunteer Headquarters.  Do not smoke whilst operating of plant and equipment. 


Volunteers are not permitted to drink alcohol while on duty and are prohibited from drinking, even if off duty, in uniform in public areas.  Alcohol and drugs will not be permitted to be brought onto the grounds of the Club. You will be requested to vacate the area should you be seen to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. 


The Autograph Policy is in effect for official competition rounds only. Volunteers and the general public should not ask players for autographs until play has concluded or has been suspended. Volunteers while on duty should never ask players for autographs. 


If you are unable to report for your assigned shift or need to report an emergency, please contact Bonville Golf Resort. 


Please be considerate and follow proper and safe golf cart etiquette. Some examples of prohibited activities include: 

  • Exceeding the passenger limit 
  • Standing on the back of the golf cart 
  • Leaving the key in the golf cart unattended 
  • Sitting or standing in box carts 
  • Excessive speed 
  • Allowing extremities (arms and legs) to hang outside the cart while in motion 

A breach of these activities could result in serious injury. Please be considerate during play and limit course access around larger galleries. Use cart paths whenever possible. 


Karen Lunn (CEO) 0477 021 091  
Brad Daymond (CEO) 0417 041 769  
Stuart Fraser (CEO) 0412 111 228 
Graeme Phillipson (COO) 0416 057 965  
David Tease (Media Manager) 0427 980 789  
Olivia Wilson (Events Manager) 0448 006 146  

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